Boost Teenage Self Esteem – Ways To Help Teens Love and Accept Themselves


Boost Teenage Self Esteem – Ways To Help Teens Love and Accept Themselves

Low teenage self esteem is fairly common. Not only are the teen years a time when teenagers struggle with their identity, peer pressure, puberty, and so on, it’s also a time when acceptance is very important to them.

No one wants to feel rejected or left out and when they do experience this, it tends to have a negative effect on their self esteem.

There are various ways that teens can improve their self esteem. With the help of parents, teachers, counselors, and self-help books and audios, the chances of a teenage self esteem boost are wonderful. If you or someone you know is struggling with their self esteem, consider the following tips for improving self esteem.

1. Change negative thoughts to positive ones.

Negative thinking leads to negative self esteem. If you think enough about how dumb, ugly, or insecure you are, it will in effect become your reality. Take a day or two and examine your thoughts. If you find yourself thinking a negative thought, it is important that you immediately replace that thought with a positive one. Don’t allow negative thinking to rule your life!

2. Be proud of your strengths.

Everyone has some strengths that they can be grateful for. Try not to focus so much on your weaknesses or areas that you wish were different and focus and build upon your strengths. For example, if you are really smart and get good grades in school, but you are not great at sports, try not to let that affect your self esteem negatively. Instead, be proud of being studious and excel in that area and do the best you can in sports and accept whatever happens.

3. Recite positive affirmations

Positive affirmations can boost teenage self esteem – it is important to affirm yourself in a positive light. Every day, recite positive sentences about yourself out loud. Write them down or print them out. You can even post them on your wall as a reminder. You can find ideas for positive affirmations on the rest of this website. Use the ones that will help you boost your self esteem. A few examples are:

“I am a smart and likeable person.”

“I have favor wherever I go.”

“I am blessed and beautiful.”

“I can do anything that I set my mind on.”

4. Give yourself a break.

In order not to negatively affect teenage self esteem, do not be so hard on yourself. It’s alright not to be perfect as well as to fail sometimes. Lighten up and learn to enjoy the moments as they come. Don’t let others or yourself try to put a damper on your mood even if things aren’t going as you planned. Smile more, laugh often.

5. Get involved in a hobby.

Hobbies tend to increase teenage self esteem, as it gives them something to do and to be proud of. You can get involved on a sports team or pursue a hobby that interests you. You could try fishing, hiking, volunteering, building things, bowling, and so much more. There are numerous activities that are fun and rewarding.

There is hope for you if you are suffering from low self esteem. Plenty of teens have greatly improved their teenage self esteem through these methods as well as others. Begin increasing yours today!

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