Body Language Of A Liar – Using Body Language To Detect Lies


Body Language Of A Liar – Using Body Language To Detect Lies

Communication is the art of conveying messages through a variety of methods.

The majority of communication occurs through speaking; however, the words we say are only part of our oral communications. There is a much more subtle, yet highly effective, component to verbal communication called body language.

When you are speaking to someone, they are not only listening to the words coming from your mouth, they are also looking at you and studying your facial expressions, your posture and stance, and your body language. By learning to read the body language of others, you can learn to detect the body language of a liar and gauge a person’s level of honesty with you.

So how do you spot the body language of a liar? Here are some things to look for that could indicate that the person you are speaking with is not being quite honest.

Look for stiff, unnatural movements and postures. Lying makes most people uncomfortable, so their body language is not relaxed. You may notice a great deal of tension in their body. A rigid stance is a good indication that the person is lying to you.

Next, look at the amount of eye contact. Liars typically avoid looking you in the eye (or they will stare you down in an attempt to not look away). While this can be a great indicator someone is lying, there are also other reasons for not making eye contact. For example, a number of Asian cultures consider eye contact to be very rude. Therefore, you need to take into consideration other factors when trying to detect the body language of a liar. Still, avoiding eye contact can be a good indication of lying.

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