Are Upcoming Changes in Your Life Causing You Worry and Anxiety?


Are Upcoming Changes in Your Life Causing You Worry and Anxiety?

Have you ever been faced with a significant change coming up in your life and felt a sense of worry and anxiety over how you would cope with it or adapt to it?

There are many such possible scenarios of change or transition.

Perhaps you are moving to a new neighborhood. Or maybe you are changing jobs or going to a new school. Perhaps your family has to downgrade to a smaller house. Maybe you are entering the workforce for the first time, or, at the other end of the spectrum, going into retirement soon. You could be transiting from a busy life to one in which you will have more free time, or vice versa. You could be taking the jump into a more stressful career.

There could also be little changes in your life which take place from time to time, some being more significant than others. A change of car, for example, or the rearrangement of furniture in the house. Or it could just be a case of getting used to a new phone, or adjusting to a new religious community.

Somewhere within most of us, there seems to be some degree of resistance to change, although the extent can vary greatly between different people and between different circumstances.

But, if you think back to the numerous times in the past you experienced worry or anxiety over impending changes or transitions, and how you subsequently adapted to them, I suspect you will find that things didn’t turn out anywhere as bad as you might have imagined.

Often, it seems like the fear of change is actually worse than the change itself.

We humans are usually a lot more adaptable than we give ourselves credit for, and the next time you feel a sense of dread over a change that is coming up, you may wish to remind yourself of that.

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