10 Ways to Reduce Stress – Useful Tips for Lowering Stress


10 Ways to Reduce Stress – Useful Tips for Lowering Stress

Are you feeling stressed up? Here are 10 ways to reduce stress you could try.

Stress has become a way of life for many people in this fast-paced world we live in. Daily stressors can be mild or major, and everyone experiences some level of stress on a daily basis.

Stress management is important! The key is for you to have stress, not for stress to have you. Here are 10 ways to reduce stress which you could use to cope with stress in your daily life.

1. Take a walk. Studies have shown that being active has a number of physical and emotional benefits. When you are stressed, taking a walk can help calm you down by releasing endorphins and easing tension. Since walking is a low impact, slower paced exercise, you have time to think and sort out a problem. If you can find a walking buddy, that would be even better.

2. When stuck in traffic, let your radio, CD player or MP3 player help you relieve stress. Listen to music. Sing along with the songs on the radio. Use this time as “me time” where you can listen to music or audio books. Pop in a language CD and use the time to either begin learning another language or brush up on language studies.

3. Number 3 of these 10 ways to reduce stress – take deep breaths. As simple as it sounds, slowing your breathing can help your body relax and release tension. When this tension is released, some of the stress goes with it. Think of relaxing thoughts while doing your breathing exercises.

4. Carry a journal and write in it when you get stressed. Just verbalizing the stress (and the source of the stress) can help relieve the tension you are feeling. Studies have shown that journaling is an effective tool for working through problems. It is also a safe arena in which to vent and be completely honest, since the decision to share the journal is yours alone.

5. Next up in these 10 ways to reduce stress – talk to a friend. When we reach out to others and share what is causing us stress, we are able to relieve some of the effects of the stress. Having a support system helps us get through the difficult times in life. Also, talking to a friend lends a new set of eyes to the problem, which may lead to a solution, thereby relieving the stress.

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